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Adventure Awaits: How to Step Outside

Article By: Derek James Hauk

How much of your day is spent indoors? According to the EPA, on average Americans are indoors or inside a car for 93% of our adult lives. If that sounds incredible to you, think of the typical day. You slept in your bed, in your home, you woke up and got in the car to drive to work, you drove back home after work, you went back to bed. Maybe somewhere between there you went to the store or the gym or out to eat, but it is entirely possible to go through your regular day with the only time outside being spent walking to or from your car.

Breaking that routine and adding some more outdoor adventures to your everyday life can improve your health and mood, refresh your thinking, and give you a greater appreciation for the world around us. The best part is that you don't need to be athletic or even have that much extra free time. At O'Brien, we help our customers build unique experiences. Here are some easy ways to step outside the day to day to begin your next adventure. 


Walking and Biking

O'Brien promotes physical activity

The rise of the suburbs after World War II created the commuter class as housing moved further and further from traditional centers of business. In 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau found that the average American commute was 26 minutes, and that drives between home and work are only becoming longer as the economy continues to shift from being industrially-based to including more service jobs. The benefits of replacing time spent in the car with a more active form of transportation are numerous, but it is not feasible for many people to walk or cycle to work. However, you may still be able to find opportunities to reduce your automobile usage:

  1. Identify errands that can be performed over shorter distances.
  2. Park the car at the farthest end of the parking lot.
  3. Attach a basket to your bicycle so that you can load groceries or other purchases on the front.
  4. If shopping at multiple locations, park near the central location and walk to the rest.
  5. Drive halfway and bike the remaining distance.

The increased physical activity, fresh air, and slower pace will help offset what is an often sedentary modern lifestyle, leading to you feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally.


The Picnic Lunch

In a 2016 survey by Foodya, 76% of respondents admitted to having a lunch rotation of less than five locations. This makes sense. When you only have a finite number of minutes in your lunch break, you can maximize those minutes by knowing where and what you want to eat. You could also maximize those minutes by enjoying a simple lunch outdoors, picnic-style.

Think of the classic image of workers lined up along the girder with their pail lunches. Taking a similar approach to your workday lunch will save you the stress of having to get to a restaurant and back, save you the money you would spend on eating out, and give you back your minutes to actually enjoy your food and the fresh air. A favorite sandwich, a few pieces of fruit, maybe a granola bar, all packed up in a bag or lunch box. Keep your choices light and simple, no need for a gourmet lunch. Many workplaces have some sort of seating area outdoors. Otherwise, you can lay down a blanket or even sit on the hood of your car.

Adding a picnic to your workday can refresh your mood while refueling your body.



O'Brien Corporation provides tools for outdoor activities

Adding a new hobby to your lifestyle is a great way to invite outdoor adventures into your day. Try finding a geocache. Geocaching is an activity that involves locating “caches,” containers of various shapes and sizes that have been hidden in public places. The creator of the cache registers the coordinates and some sort of clue to the location or style of the container, and the other hobbyists use an app to go on the hunt. When a cache is found, it generally contains a log on which to write your name and the date, showing a history of every player who found it. Other caches may include small trinkets to share or even clues to start an off-app scavenger hunt.

Geocaching combines exploration, puzzle solving, and social connectivity. Often a cache is placed somewhere that is special to the hider as a way for them to share their story with others. Other caches are placed near a great view or an out-of-the-way nature trail to encourage seekers to see some natural wonders. No special equipment is required to start besides the free app, and it's likely that there is an easy first find somewhere near you right now, so get to hunting!



If you want to enjoy some classic American outdoor adventures, there may be nothing that quite tops camping. Camping is a great way to spend some time alone away from the stressful urban environment or a superb weekend getaway for the whole family. Whether your style of camping involves pitching a tent, hooking up an RV, or shacking up in a cabin, replacing a hotel vacation with a camping trip can lead to some fantastic memories. Imagine gazing at a clear sky of stars, s'more in hand, animals grazing in the distance. With proper planning and a commitment to relaxation, a camping trip can be just the thing you need to recharge and enjoy the outdoors.


Ready to gear up for your next adventure? Connect with O'Brien and we'll help you build the perfect adventure for you and your customers. Sep Outside; your unique experience awaits. 


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